OZEAN OSS 1 SURF SKI -  $3450.00      $4450.00     $5450.00
 The perfect ski for competitive ocean racing. Ideal in downwind conditions, fast acceleration, Lightweight and robust with a truly amazing 'finish'. Fast drawing bailer keeps the ski constantly at minimum weight.
 Paddlers to 110kg,  This ski is superfast. Length 6.495m  Width 0.435m
Glass/kevlar 15kg+/-   Kevlar 12.5kg   Full Race spec 10.5kg

OZEAN OSS 3 SURF SKI - $3450.00      $4450.00      $5450.00
 Designed for competitive paddling or fitness and fun. Comprising the same features as the OSS 1 but with a little more added stability. Ideal for wanting that extra speed without focusing upon balance. A pure paddling experience for racing, speed and training.  Length 6.245m  Width 0.46m.  Glass/kevlar 15kg +/- Kevlar 12.5kg  Full spec. 10.5kg

OZEAN OSS 4 SURF SKI - $3450.00      $4450.00       $5450.00
 This is a fast and stable race ski. Perfect for the entry to intermediate paddler who want a fast and stable surf ski for any conditions. Side handles integrated for easy carrying. length 5.795m  Width 0.48.
Glass/kevlar 15kg +/- Kevlar 12.5kg  Full spec. 10.5kg
EPIC V 10  - From $3995.00 Performance 15.5kg+/-
The V10 shines in downwind and upwind heavy sea conditions. A fully adjustable footbrace with a high-capacity venturi to keep water from the cockpit. The single footwell and deck cutaways allow for a closer and more powerful stroke. Will suit paddlers from 5'3" to 6'7". Length 6.45m  Width 0.45m Capacity 145kg

EPIC V 8 PRO  - From $3995.00 Performance 15.5kg+/-
A fast and nimble entry to intermediate Ski for those wanting all the best features for downwinding and racing, or for fitness and recreation paddling. Handles front, rear and sides. length 5.79m  Width 0.505m Capacity 127kg

EPIC V 7  - $1995.00
A rotomoulded Entry / intermediate Ski for those wanting the experience of river racing or ocean expeditions in a tough sleek package. ith a kick-up rudder this can traverse places a composite ski cannot, cut across the shallows or take a wild ride down the river Avon testing yourself on the whitewater. Length 5.2m  Width  0.54m capacity 135kg and a storage capacity of 100L.

EPIC V 6 - From $4100.00 performance 17.7kg +/-
This is a unique Tourer with the cockpit of a Surf Ski. Fast and Stable this Hybrid can take you anywhere and with all of your gear. Sit-on-top style means easy on and off.  Length 4.88m  Width 0.584m  Capacity 152kg Storage Bow 71L - Storage rear 103L
TORNADO 507 - From $1295.00
This is a 5.07m Ski, with the option of Trailing Rudder, Surf Rudder or a dual rudder system. Comfortable, tough, fitted with Self bailer that is incorporated into a molded 'box' as part of the hull for extra strength and durability. Carbon foot plate and carbon surf rudder (on Surf model). This is quick, stable, ideal for entry level right up to intermediate paddlers. Fitted with twin hatches, one forward and one large oval behind the seat plus this has a bulkhead for dry storage of gear. A ski of the right size that is quick through the water, ideal for Fitness and adventure racing. Available now in White, Yellow or Light Blue. A demo ski is available for trials.
 Fitted with a Kick-up rudder for the Avon descent. 
A tried and tested performer, proven in surf and the Avon descent. 5.2m long, with a beam of 0.54m and an approx weight of 23kg. This is a good all-round sit-on-top, which has adjustable foot pedals and a built-in wave deflector. This is an excellent training / fitness ski suitable for all conditions.
5.2m x 0.55m weight approx 23kg

Fast, Stable and easy paddling with excellent performance. The sit-in equivalent to our surf ski. For those wanting the sit-in Avon kayak.
 5.07m long and with a width of 55cm this is the ideal kayak for longer trips with its impressive turn of speed and comfortable seating system. The design offers excellent stability and the Kayak is fitted with a smart track rudder with adjustable footrest system. Hatches fore and aft with bulheads for dry storage, generous deck webbing for storage of extra hull mounted gear and a day hatch in front of the cockpit. for those looking for a kayak stable and quick then this is an ideal choice.  Colours available - White or Sky Blue.
This includes a paddle.